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My goal is to demystify life insurance and to give you the tools you need to know — without talking to an agent — to get the most efficiently-designed policy to maximize your wealth accumulation through your utilization of The Double Play. I’m going to bust all of the myths and misconceptions about life insurance.

The Double Play” Webinar Series

First Thursday of Every Month @ 1pm Eastern

Recordings of past webinars will be available on YouTube and in the Webinar Library below.

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11/4/2021 – Using a Maximum Over-funded Policy for your Personal Financial Reserves

12/2/2021 – Managing Debt for your Real Estate Investments

1/6/2022 – Retirement Planning with Life Insurance

Past Topics (Click to view):

10/7/2021 – Why are Caps so low on Indexed Universal Life right now?

Are you disappointed right now because the caps on Indexed Universal Life Insurance Policies are so low? In this webinar I will explain why the caps are low right now and show you why you really shouldn’t be too disappointed with the low caps.

9/9/2021 – Debunk: “IUL Returns Don’t Capture Dividends of the Stocks in the Index”

As you are researching Indexed Universal Life you may notice that naysayers often state that: “IUL Returns Don’t Capture Dividends Of The Stocks In The Index”. In this session I’m going to show you why the people who say that don’t really understand how IUL policies work. I’m going to easily and clearly explain exactly how IULs work and how they calculate the interest crediting. I’m also going to explain why you shouldn’t compare the performance of an IUL to the underlying index… with or without dividends.

8/12/2021 – Should you choose a policy with Accelerated Living Benefits?

Policies with accelerated living benefits are pretty cool, right? They pay out a portion of the policy’s death benefit while you are alive if you suffer a critical or chronic illness. But if these benefits are valuable to you, should you really count on your maximum over-funded policy to provide that benefit? We’re going to dive in and show why it might be better to have a separate policy.

7/1/2021 – Are Whole Life Dividend Rates Comparable to Universal Life Interest Crediting Rates?

Have you ever wondered how a life insurance company’s stated dividend rate translates into growth of your cash value? A 6% dividend is not comparable to a 6% interest credit in a Universal Life. Sign up to find out why.

6/3/2021 – The Double Play vs Self-directed IRA

Have you ever wondered if you would be better off investing in real estate using a self-directed IRA rather than The Double Play? Which one is better? In this session I compare The Double Play against the Self-directed IRA for Real Estate Investing. As usual, we take a detailed look at the business model for each utilizing as apples-to-apples inputs as possible.

4/1/2021 – What Do The New 7702 Rules Mean for Maximum Over-funded Policies?

You may not have even heard of this, but Congress changed the rules regarding Life Insurance funding late last year. In this session I am going to explain the impact (Good news!) of the new rules on Maximum Over-funded Life Insurance policy designs. If you are researching private banking and maximum over-funded life insurance, you don’t want to miss this session.

3/4/2021 – Why Does UL/IUL Have Such a Bad Rap?

If you have spent any time at all researching Life Insurance and Real Estate Investing, you’ll find a strong bias towards Whole Life and a strong bias against Indexed Universal Life. Have you ever wondered if the bias was warranted? What is it about Indexed Universal Life that has everyone who sells Whole Life so bent out of shape? Is what they say true? Watch this webinar to find out just why it is that IUL has such a bad rap and whether or not that bad rap is warranted.

2/4/2021 – Don’t Make This Interest Rate Arbitrage Mistake!

In this webinar, I am going to discuss a common rookie mistake. Both newbie policy owners (and agents!) tend to get excited when they realize that the expected growth rate on an Indexed Universal Life policy is higher than the Policy Loan Rate. While this creates some amazing opportunities, some people look at it all wrong. This can lead to some misguided financial decisions. I am going to show you the common mistakes people make and where you should really be looking for the arbitrage. Sign up to learn how to avoid making this mistake yourself!

1/7/2021 – Let’s discuss: “Life Insurance is not an Investment!”

In this webinar, I discuss another common myth: “Life Insurance Is Not An Investment”. You will often hear people say that or “Keep your life insurance and your investments separate”. If the goal of your investments is to maximize your retirement income, then you may want to take a closer look at life insurance as an investment. If you are open-minded, you’ll understand that whether you call it insurance or you call it an investment, if it maximizes your retirement income, life insurance is a powerful financial tool.

12/3/2020 – Common Tricks Agents Use on Illustrations

When you are getting ready to devote a significant amount of your savings to something, you want to feel good about your decision. Since there is already so much negative information about life insurance, your guard is already up. The last thing you need is to find out after you’ve committed to a policy that the assumptions that went into it were pure fantasy. Sign up for this session to learn what to look for.

11/5/2020 – Will the “Rising Cost of Insurance” Cause an IUL to Lapse?

If you’ve been researching life insurance, you’ve more than likely come across the misconception that the rising cost of insurance is going to cause an Indexed Universal Life to lapse as the insured ages. How would someone even get this idea? In this session we are going to discuss the misinformation put out by agencies and people selling against IUL. Sign up now to learn how both Whole Life and IUL deal with the rising cost of insurance.

10/1/2020 – How Long Does it Take to Build Cash Value?

There is a popular myth that it takes forever to build up cash value. That may be the case in an “old fashioned” Whole Life Policy, but that’s not the case with a Maximum Over-funded Policy. Sign up to learn how you can maximize the cash value so that you can leverage it immediately.

9/17/2020 – The Advantage of an IUL for the Double Play

As you are researching infinite banking and other private banking strategies, you may read that you need to use a Whole Life policy. But as you begin to truly understand how life insurance works, you will find that the advantage really belongs to the Indexed Universal Life. Sign up to find out why bucking the trend will result in greater wealth accumulation for yourself.

9/3/2020 – When is the best time to use a policy loan?

Since policy loan interest is not tax-deductible, you should really be using a Cash Value Line of Credit for The Double Play. BUT, there are times when it makes more sense to use a policy loan instead. Watch to find out!

8/20/2020 – How to Get the Most Cash Value in a Policy

Let’s face it, life insurance is not “the perfect” vehicle to put your money to work in two places at one time. It’s got fees and expenses that must be kept to a minimum so that you get the most cash value for every dollar of premium that you put into the policy. As you are thinking about getting a policy for The Double Play, you need to know that you are not wasting your money with a poorly-designed policy. You want to get the most “BANG” for your “BUCK”. The fees determine your “handicap”. Your money will be growing at a faster rate, but how long it takes to catch up to where you could be is directly related to how much cash you start with.

8/6/2020 – Life Insurance as a “Magic” Checking Account

When it comes to using Life Insurance for Real Estate Investing, many people can’t come to grips with the fact that the life insurance is NOT the investment. Its the tool that allows you to make more money investing in your real investment. Cash Value is simply a very powerful place to store your wealth between deals: its a “Magic” Checking Account. Can you imagine a checking account that pays 6-8% interest on your balance? Its easy to understand when you understand the power of Life Insurance Policy Loans.

7/23/2020 – Understanding the Guaranteed Rate in a Life Insurance Policy

In this session I am going to be talking about “The Guaranteed Rate”. I’m going to talk about what it is and what it isn’t and clear up a lot of misconceptions along the way. Once you have a clear understanding of how guarantees really work, you might easily find yourself deciding that guarantees really aren’t that important for The Double Play.

7/9/2020 – Understanding Fixed, Variable, and Indexed Policy Loans

In this session I am going to talk about the different ways that we can access the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy. As you watch this presentation, you will quickly and easily gain an understanding of best times to utilize each of the different loan options. There is a time and place for each option.

6/28/2020 – The 3 Key Success Factors for The Double Play

There is doing it and then there is doing it right. If you want to learn how to do it right and maximize your wealth accumulation, don’t miss this session where I’ll cover the 3 Key Success Factors for The Double Play.

6/11/2020 – What is a reasonable return to expect? (Dividend Rate)

The interest crediting rate or dividend rate that is used to run an illustration sets your expectations on your policy’s performance. In today’s turbulent times, what rates should we be using to project policy values?

5/28/2020 – Why you Shouldn’t Use a Policy Loan for The Double Play. Do This Instead

Don’t use a policy loan for The Double Play! It is not the optimal way to access your cash value. Sign up and learn how you can TRIPLE the gains outside your policy! That’s right, doing it the wrong way is costing you. This session is worth your time!

5/14/2020 – Is Buy Term and Invest the Difference Really Better? Let’s Analyze the Numbers.

Have you ever heard that you should just “buy term and invest the difference”? Is this really better than buying a permanent life insurance policy? I’ve built a “buy term and invest the difference calculator” and the results will surprise you.

4/30/2020 – Understanding Indexed Universal Life Insurance: Caps, Floors, Crediting Rates, and Myths

In this session I’m going to take a deep dive into Indexed Universal Life Insurance and explain how these policies work and why I believe they are the best choice for The Double Play. I’ll break down the mechanics of interest crediting: caps, floors, participation rates and multipliers. I will also explain why I believe an IUL will likely outperform a Whole Life over time. We’ll also spend some time debunking all the life insurance myths about IUL.

4/23/2020 – Get 3X the Income from the Same Amount of Savings!: Life Insurance as a Retirement Plan

In this session, I discuss Life Insurance Retirement Plans: using a cash value life insurance policy to generate tax-free retirement income.

Life Insurance Retirement Plans and The Double Play have a lot in common: both require a maximum over-funded life insurance policy and both leverage the power of a policy loan. The Double Play works by putting your money to work in two places at one time by leveraging the cash value of a life insurance policy. A Life Insurance Retirement Plan works by leveraging the cash value to generate tax-free income for retirement.

How much income can you get? Would you believe two to three times the after-tax net of what you can get out of a standard Ira or 401k with the same amount of money?

In this session, I’m going to discuss how to keep the costs to an absolute minimum in both Whole Life and Indexed Universal Life policy designs so that you can get the most out of your premium dollars. I’ll show you how to know that your policy illustration is designed properly.

4/16/2020 – The #1 Costliest Mistake Most People Make When They Set Up a Policy

In this session I discuss the number one mistake that people make when they are starting up a policy. This policy design mistake can easily cost thousands of dollars. 

I walk through an example of a fairly small policy illustration and show you how this mistake would cost this policy owner thousands of dollars in actual cash value as well as lost earnings potential. This doesn’t just impact Real Estate Investors leveraging their cash value. Life Insurance Retirement Plans (LIRP) are also based on maximum over funded life insurance policies. Both agents and policy owners often make the same mistakes when designing these policies as well.

4/9/2020 – “Infinite Banking and Real Estate Investing

If you’re thinking about setting up an “infinite banking” policy for investing in real estate, you are going to want to attend this webinar. We’re going to be talking about the policy design modifications needed for real estate investors.

“Infinite Banking Concept“, “Be Your Own Bank“, “Bank on Yourself” and other Life Insurance marketing systems are simply Private Banking strategies utilizing Over-funded Cash Value Life Insurance.

When it comes to Private Banking and Real Estate Investing, I like to refer to it as The Double Play: putting your money to work in two places at one time by leveraging the cash value of a maximum over-funded life insurance policy. The key word is Maximum.

4/2/2020 – What to Look for in a Properly-designed Policy

No Recording Available. Please view the YouTube video instead.

3/26/2020 – Understanding the Costs in a Life Insurance Policy

In this session we are going to talk about life insurance fees and charges in a maximum over-funded life insurance policy. This is an important topic because I’m sure many of you have heard rumors that the entire first year premium in a Whole Life Insurance policy is paid to the agent as a commission. Rumors like that would concern me… if they were true.

3/19/2020 – Premium Financed Life Insurance: Flipping The Double Play on its Head

Premium financing flips The Double Play around. With The Double Play, we are putting our money to work in two places at one time by leveraging the cash value of a maximum over-funded life insurance policy to invest in real estate.

With premium financing, you are leveraging the bank’s money to purchase cash value life insurance. The loan is secured by the cash value of the policy.

So what it boils down to is this: what if you could get all the money that you wanted at 4% and knew that you could turn around and invest it and earn 5%. How much money would you want? All of it, right?

In this webinar, I’m going to explain premium financing and why banks WANT to loan you a million dollars to purchase life insurance… if you can qualify…

That is not the case in a policy that is designed for The Double Play. A good policy design for The Double Play should result in about 85% cash value to Premium ratio. And I suspect that many of you who have ever seen a life insurance illustrations before have not seen numbers that high. It is much more common to see policies with a cash value of 65 to 75% cash value to Premium.

Those are simply “over-funded”. We need maximum over-funded policies for The Double Play: putting your money to work in two places at one time by leveraging the cash value of a maximum over-funded life insurance policy. So where does the money go? How much is the Cost of Insurance? What is the difference between properly-designed policies and poorly-designed policies?

Sign up and we’ll take a look at a life insurance illustration example and show you how to avoid making a very common mistake that easily doubles or triples the expenses… and agent commissions.

3/12/2020 – Debunking the Common Myths About Life Insurance

If you have been led to believe that permanent, or whole life insurance, is a bad investment, one reason might be all of the common life insurance myths that persist and spread.

The thing is, not all life insurance policies are the same. A policy designed to maximize death benefit is going to have minimal cash value and high costs. But a policy designed for maximum cash value is going to have very low fees. And a max-funded life insurance policy is a very powerful financial tool that can generate 2-3 times the after-tax income of a similar-sized 401(k).

They’re not all the same and it’s not a one-size-fits-all product. So sign up and attend because we’re going to debunk many of the common myths about cash value life insurance.

3/5/2020 – Minimum vs Maximum Funded Life Insurance Policies

If you’ve been searching the internet looking for information on using life insurance to invest in real estate you’ve probably come across a lot of information (and disinformation!): Whole Life vs IUL, Buy Term and Invest the Difference, Life insurance is a ripoff.

In this webinar I’m going to show you that Maximum over funded life insurance is not the same as your Uncle’s Whole Life policy. Not all life insurance is created the same. If you think life insurance is a “ripoff”, you’re probably thinking of a typical, minimally-funded whole life.

A maximum-overfunded policy is far from being a ripoff. A Maximum-funded Life insurance policy is imperative for Private Banking strategies like The Double Play: putting your money to work in two places at one time by leveraging the cash value of a maximum-funded life insurance policy.

2/27/2020 – Which is better for The Double Play: Indexed UL or Whole Life?

It’s impossible to do research into “Infinite Banking” or “Be Your Own Bank” programs without being told that it has to be done with “a Dividend-paying, Mutual Whole Life company that has been around for over 150 years”… yada yada.

Is this true or just marketing BS?

Where going to look under the hood of both types of policies to see which one is better suited for The Double Play. We’ll build on what we learned during Life Insurance 101 and use it to evaluate the popular misconceptions and see which type of policy is truly the better tool for Real Estate Investors.

The answer might surprise you. Don’t miss this session!

2/20/2020 – The Business Case for Leveraging Cash Value

This is where the rubber hits the road. We will answer this question by analyzing the numbers:

Are you better off by taking your money and putting it into a max-funded policy to invest or by simply taking your money and investing directly? When I am presenting this strategy I use this business model to make an apples to apples comparison with user-defined inputs. The result is a graph that shows wealth accumulation over time. We’ll review a sample business case and you’ll get to see all the assumptions and projections.

2/13/2020 – Life Insurance 101: The basics you need to understand before we can dive deeper.

This is the fundamental knowledge you’ll need to understand before The Double Play will make sense. This will be the best and simplest explanation of permanent life insurance that you will ever hear. Guaranteed. You’ll learn the two components of a policy and what the cash value represents. We’ll cover the differences between Whole Life and Universal Life.

2/6/2020 Introduction to the “Double Play”: Leveraging a High Cash Value Life Insurance Policy to Invest in Real Estate

This session is a high-level overview of the “Double Play” concept: Accelerating wealth accumulation by putting your money to work in two places at once. This is the first in a weekly, 20-Minute webinar series that will cover all of the key aspects of private banking utilizing life insurance.

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