Self-Directed Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Take Charge of Your Company’s Pension Assets!

If your accountant told you that you should set up a Defined Benefit Pension Plan in order to be able to reduce your taxable income AND you’re not a huge fan of the Wall Street rollercoaster, you have probably been scouring the internet trying to find out if you can invest in Real Estate in a Defined Benefit Pension.

There’s no need to look any further. I was wondering the same thing a few years ago. I was doing my own real estate investing in a Self-Directed IRA. So I wondered myself if it was possible to have a Self-Directed Defined Benefit Pension Plan.

As luck would have it, the open-minded Pension Administrator with whom I work closely explained to me that all Defined Benefit Pension Plans are Self-directed by default. The Business Owner is the Trustee of the Pension and, as a result, has a Fiduciary responsibility to the plan and can make investment decisions for the plan. The Fiduciary may make any Prudent Investment, including Real Estate.

So if the business owner is the Trustee, then why isn’t everyone managing their own Pension assets, right?

Most Business Owners delegate the Fiduciary responsibility to a Financial Advisor and entrust the Financial Advisor with the Plan Assets. Do you really want to be financially responsible for guaranteeing all of your employees’ Pension Benefits if you have hundreds of employees? Probably not! Let the Financial Advisor assume that responsibility.

But what if you’re the only employee? Or its you and your spouse?

A Self-directed Defined Benefit Pension Plan is a much better fit for a small, closely-held business with few employees.

You already know that an old-fashioned Defined Benefit Pension Plan is the best way to maximize the amount of tax-deferred contribution to your own retirement savings.

But the key question everyone has is, “Can I have a “Self-directed” Defined Benefit Pension Plan?”

Yes, you can.

You don’t HAVE to place your plan assets in traditional Wall Street Assets. You just need to work with an Innovative plan administrator that realizes Wall Street isn’t the only option AND has almost 50 years of actuarial experience and the skills necessary to deal with financial alternatives and real estate.

If you are a profitable small business, you already know that a Defined Benefit Pension Plan is the most effective way for you to simultaneously put money away for retirement AND reduce your taxable income. A Self-directed Defined Benefit Pension Plan lets you take charge of your company’s Pension Assets.

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