Business Owners

We show successful business owners how they can transfer the wealth and success that they have built in their businesses into their personal retirement savings while minimizing taxes.

We do this because many CPAs, Tax Attorney’s and other trusted business advisers are unaware of ALL of the possible ways that successful individuals can structure their businesses and use ALL of the tools at their disposal to create tax deductions and TAX-FREE INCOME for their clients.

Most business owners have no idea that there is an IRS-Approved solution that allows them to make tax-deductible contributions, get tax-free growth, AND receive tax-free income. Yes, you read that correctly: tax deductible contributions AND tax-free income. Does your Roth IRA do this? 401(k)?

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Are you planning to sell your business? We can show work with your CPA and Tax Attorney to show you an exit strategy that can defer or even eliminate capital gains taxes. If you are a business owner and reading this, you owe it to yourself to learn more.

Planning for business succession? We use simple strategies to avoid probate, estate taxes, gift taxes. Again, If you are a business owner and reading this, you owe it to yourself to learn more.

Tax Management We can work with your CPA or Tax Attorney on strategies to reduce income taxes and set up a plan for efficient multi-generational wealth transfer.

401(k) vs Pension vs Profit Sharing? Which is best for you, the business owner? Let us run the numbers and show you how you can maximize your personal benefit

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