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Because this nation is $23 Trillion in debt, because Social Security benefits are heavily taxed if you have other income, and because Medicare benefits are “means-tested”, we believe that it is very important for everyone to create tax-free retirement income that will last a lifetime.

Top Marginal Tax Rates 1916-2011

If you add the combined state debt and unfunded liabilities such as obamacare, the situation is even more perilous. The government has only two solutions: reduce spending or increase taxes. Which seems more likely? Tax rates have nowhere to go but up. The following chart demonstrates this point effectively:

If you have your money in a Traditional IRA or 401(k) plan, you should take action to lock in your tax rate before rates increase.

Our Philosophy:

  1. Permanent Life Insurance, specifically an Indexed Universal Life policy, WILL outperform the Average Wall Street Mutual Fund.
  2. Permanent Life Insurance will provide more INCOME dollar for dollar than a traditional Wall Street retirement fund.

If you don’t think these points are true or you don’t understand how they can be true, please read on and enlighten yourself.


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