“Refinance” Your Term Life Insurance

People are Living Longer and Healthier Lives, Life Insurance Rates Have Dropped!

Beginning in 2020 life insurance companies were required to implement new mortality tables that reflect that people are generally living longer and healthier lives. The good news for you is that this translates directly into lower rates for many rate classes.

If you are still healthy and insurable, you may be able to lower your premiums.

Keep your Premium the SameGet more death benefit for your Premium dollar
Keep your Death Benefit the SameLower your Premium
Increase Term of CoverageLower cost of insurance.

Take advantage of the new Mortality Tables now. The cost of insurance increases every year as you age so it will never cost less than it does today. Its worth checking to see if you can get save money.

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The primary reason for purchasing life insurance is the death benefit protection. Any other benefit is purely ancillary.

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