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1 hour of consulting services billed at a rate of $250/hour. Purchase as many increments as you would like. See the description to learn how to get your consulting services for FREE.


Product Description

This is for one hour of consulting services billed at a rate of $250/hour. You can purchase as many increments as you would like. Unused time will be refunded at $62.50 for each 15-min.

As you think about sophisticated life insurance strategies like The Double Play, Infinite Banking, Bank on Yourself, etc. you have unanswered questions. Before you willingly part with your hard-earned dollars, you want to know that this is the best alternative. Unfortunate, the only thing you have been finding on the internet are biased sites offering only limited information. Wouldn’t it be nice of someone could put together a spreadsheet that simply compared A vs B? Leveraging the cash value of a maximum over-funded life insurance policy to invest in real estate vs simply investing in real estate?

Imagine how easy it would be to make your great decision if you could see a projection and imagine what that would mean for you.

Watch these videos:

Introduction to The Double Play

The Business Case For The Double Play

I wouldn’t want you to get a policy unless you totally understand why this is the best decision for you. So take a look at the numbers in a way that you can understand that’s true.

FREE Consulting Offer!

I have a tremendous amount of valuable content available to the public at no charge. Everything that you need to know about Life Insurance and The Double Play is available,. But you will ultimately need to speak with a Licensed Life Insurance agent to get an actual life insurance illustration.

I do not charge my Life Insurance clients for illustrations and ongoing support. So anyone who ultimately purchases a life insurance policy will receive a refund of their consulting fees.

Unfortunately, with the popularity of my YouTube channel and Website, I get a lot of people just “kicking the tires”. This hurts my productivity and livelihood. This Website, my videos on YouTube and various posts on BiggerPockets all provide detailed descriptions of how The Double Play works with real examples. Everything you need to know to learn “how” it works is completely FREE and readily available.

If you just want to see what it will look like for yourself, but you don’t intend to purchase a policy from me, I believe it is fair to be compensated for my time and expertise.

Save $500!

I typically spend about 2 to 3 hours with every prospective client. An “Introduction Call” is usually spent answering questions and clearing up misconceptions about life insurance and The Double Play. Everything typically discussed during an “Introduction Call” is in Life Insurance 101. You can save yourself $250 by reading this document or watching the YouTube Video before calling me.

A “Presentation Call” is usually booked at the end of the “Introduction Call”. This online meeting is spent reviewing the life insurance illustration and The Double Play model. Everything typically discussed during a Presentation Call is covered in the download you can get here. The Double Play model, with real numbers from a real illustration, is covered in this YouTube Video. Click these links to learn everything you need to know about Policy Design and Life Insurance Illustrations.

You can also join my Facebook Community and network with the many people who are actively doing The Double Play.


You will understand life insurance better than many agents by the time we are done.


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