Lower My Premiums, Increase My Coverage

By coupling a High-Deductible Health Insurance plan with Critical Illness, Long Term Care, and Accidental Injury policies, you should be able to keep your total costs below that of a Low Deductible Health Insurance plan.

While health insurance is not our specialty, helping clients save money and save for retirement is. And to that end, we’ve put together a FREE REPORT explaining the Two Easy Ways To Take The Sting Out Of Your High Deductible Health Insurance Plan. Please fill in your information in the box below to access the FREE REPORT.

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Here are the typical tradeoffs in the health insurance world:

  • The lower the premium, the higher the deductible.
  • PPOs are more expensive than HMOs
  • HMOs usually only offer statewide or even smaller geographic coverage.
  • PPOs are usually the only choice for nationwide coverage.

Rising premiums have put the best, low-deductible policies out of reach for many people. People are forced to pay for health insurance they can’t afford to use.

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