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Assets and Income of the wealthy are being targeted to fund government fiscal problems

In places like Argentina, Mexico, China, and Venezuala, assets of the wealthy are being targeted to fund government fiscal problems. Citizens of these countries are looking for investments and assets that keep their wealth out of reach of their local jurisdictions. One Innovative Strategy is to use a Permanent Life Insurance policy from an A-Rated, Offshore-domiciled insurance company. These policies are denominated in US Dollars and the cash value earns a competitive interest credit. Additionally, US tax law does not govern these policies. The cash value is creditor protected and beyond reach of most jurisdictions.


Assets/Income of the wealthy are being targeted to fund government fiscal problems (ex. Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, China, EU)

    • Assets are at very high risk from a variety of sources:
      • Excessive/Punitive tax rates
      • Political changes
      • Corruption
      • Currency exchange rates
      • Lawsuits/Predators
    • Challenging interest rate environment on fixed products
    • FATCA
      • Affects non-US citizens with assets in US banks, brokerages, annuities, and Life Insurance Policies held within the US.
      • Accounts reported to US Govt/IRS
      • Reciprocal agreements/treaties share information with citizens’ home country.
      • Risks for non-compliance include: penalties, excess taxes, wealth taxes, surtaxes on highly paid workers, corruption.

Non-US Citizens with significant US business interests are subject to special tax treatment. A person who has never stepped foot in the US may have US tax due if they own any assets in the US. Nonresident aliens are limited to a $60,000 estate tax exclusion on U.S.–based assets.

Solution — Offshore Life Insurance Carrier

Life Insurance Policy denominated in US Dollar, but domiciled outside of US. This puts the assets of the client into a strong, stable currency in a low inflation environment. This solution also offers multiple levels of asset protection:

  • Assets are held offshore.
  • Assets held in Life Insurance.

Additionally, Non-US Citizens/Residents are eligible for special accumulation products that are not available to US Citizens. These products are not subject to MEC guidelines or guideline premium tests.

Other benefits:

  • Tax-free growth.
  • Liquidity – Cash value may be leveraged via policy loan or withdrawn.
  • Privacy
  • Financial Stability
  •  A.M. Best A-rated,
  • 100+ year old company

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