Maximum Over-funded Indexed Universal Life Quotes

This website is a No-fluff Zone. My goal is to give you the tools that you need, without ever talking to an agent, to get the most efficiently-designed policy possible.

However, you need an agent to prepare a life insurance proposal (illustration). I know that dealing with agents can be intimidating, so I am willing to provide a simple indexed universal life illustration with absolutely no sales pressure.(1)

Now, that said, I do highly recommend that unless you have read this website cover to cover or watched all of my YouTube videos, you should let me present the illustration and walk you through the key points. You are going to have questions. Let me answer them for you. Since you are paying for my time, I will not “Sell” you. Either you see the beauty of Life Insurance or you don’t. (2)

Note (1): Sorry Whole Life fans. Crafting a maximum-overfunded whole life illustration is a lot more work. And at the end of the day, the cash value to premium ratios are nearly the same. If you just want to see the numbers for yourself, start with an IUL with the understanding that if you like the numbers, I can show you a properly-designed Whole Life Illustration when you are closer to making a purchase decision.

Note (2): Insurance licenses are issued state by state. If you do not reside in a state where I am licensed, I will pass your information to a qualified, knowledgeable, and properly-licensed agent in your state. I am licensed in most of the more populated states (sorry North and South Dakota!)

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The sole purpose of life insurance is for the death benefit protection. Any other benefit is ancillary.