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Innovative Retirement Strategies is The IRS you want on your side!

The “Innovative” in Innovative Retirement Strategies refers to the fact that we bring a lot more knowledge and a broader investment experience to the table than many financial professionals. Most financial professionals pitch the same old products from the banking, insurance, and securities world.

With CD’s you’re lucky if you can keep up with inflation! The same is true with Annuities. Securities are just too volatile to use for secure retirement planning.

These are not the only asset classes to choose from. Just ask any real estate investor! This Retirement Planning business takes advantage of our knowledge of those three areas AND real estate AND alternative investments. At the end of the day, its all about consistently earning higher and safer returns than can be achieved investing the traditional way.

Tom Rutkowski has been a real estate investor for many years. And even in the real estate investing world, He gravitated toward more sophisticated, and protected, strategies, like private lending and tax liens. He found it easy to earn double-digit return with much less risk than Wall Street. The average investor on Wall Street is lucky to earn an average of 7% per year. And they certainly don’t know what will happen to their life savings tomorrow.

He has incorporated this knowledge, as well as his knowledge of  alternative investments into his financial services business. We believe that each of them offer much safer risk-adjusted returns than anything offered by a typical financial professional.

We are also experts in utilizing high cash value life insurance for personal banking. If you can put your money into an asset earning 6-8% and you can borrow against that asset at Prime, then you can put your money to work in two places at once and earn higher returns.

We are also knowledgeable in several sophisticated tax strategies to defer the capital gains tax on the sale of highly appreciated assets. Other strategies allow for high-income earners to maximize their deductions and grow their wealth in a tax-advantaged structure.

Our Business is all about:

1. Making your money work harder with less risk
2. Reducing taxes on the money you make
3. Protecting your assets

We show sophisticated real estate investors how to step up their game and take their businesses to the next level. We have a passion for helping people make more and keep more of their earnings.

Make More Money With Less Risk:

Our business is all about educating clients on how they can safely achieve above average returns. The key word is SAFELY. You need to focus on Risk-adjusted Returns. Wall Street may average 9% over 30 years, but the volatility means your money could be 20% higher or lower in any given year.

Our founder is the rare breed who understands the stock market, life insurance retirement strategies, real estate investing, and alternative investments. Investors need to understand how to deal with a market that could drop 35-40% in the next twelve months. The stock market has done that twice in the last 17 years.

We show our more sophisticated clients how to use a “Magic Checking Account” to grow their wealth. This is a safe, principal-protected account that lets them put their money to work in TWO places at ONE time. Imagine what you can do with a high interest bearing account AND a credit line equal to the account balance. Think about using that line to invest in real estate or other alternative investments. Your money is working in TWO places at ONE time!

If you are frustrated with the volatility of your traditional investment choices, there ARE better and safer options available..

Reduce Your Taxes:
Qualified Savings Plans. Investing with a self-directed IRA? Great, but there are ways you can put EVEN MORE savings away in another type of tax-deferred account.

Defer Capital Gains Tax. A 1031 Exchange let you defer capital gains, but it comes with a commitment to repurchase a like property in 45 days. So much for “Buy Low and Sell High”, right? Now you have to buy high. There’s a better way to defer your capital gains.

Reduce Income Tax. We can help business owners and high earning W-2 employees reduce their tax burden with the use of sophisticated tax strategies.

Asset Protection:
“The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.”
– Nelson Rockefeller

Very wise words. Now put it into action.

Our role is to educate clients on the various strategies available. There are a number of IRS approved tools to accomplish tax deferral. From there, we simply connect clients with the appropriate professionals who can analyze, advise, and help deploy the strategies that best fits their unique situation. We are not tax professionals and I we do not give tax or legal advice. Our role is as educator and match maker.

Tom Rutkowski, President
Tom Rutkowski, President

Our Founder, Tom Rutkowski, graduated with an MBA in Finance and Investments from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in 1995.  He started investing at 20 years of age.  After riding out many of the ups and downs of the market, he figured out that a simple indexed approach to investing was the best way to outperform the market.

His graduate school research showed that only 1/3 of mutual funds and professional money managers can beat an un-managed index mutual fund.

Much more recently, he discovered an even better way to save for retirement: Indexed Universal Life Insurance coupled with financial alternatives and real estate..

Indexed Universal Life Insurance allows the cash value of a life insurance policy to earn interest equivalent to the return on a stock market index.  The returns are subject to a cap and a floor.  Policy holders can get stock market-like returns with none of the market risk of actually being invested in the market.

Our clients learn how they can safely leverage their retirement in order to enjoy more income than would be possible through a traditional retirement savings plan. Nearly three times more income than an equivalent-sized mutual fund portfolio.

We also work with Tax experts to show our clients the many ways that they can reduce their taxable income and put more of their hard-earned savings into a savings plan. We also leverage the expertise of local estate planning attorneys to minimize and even eliminate the impact of Estate Taxes through proper prior planning.

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