Help! I Missed the Open Enrollment Deadline

Did you miss the deadline for Open Enrollment in a Health Insurance Plan? Did you simply decide not to get insurance this year because of the high cost? The new Trumpcare Short Term Health Plans may be a good fit for you.

What is “Trumpcare”?

Trumpcare is the collective name used to describe these Alternative Health Care plans that can now be purchased by healthy Americans.  On August 1st, the Health and Human Services Department announced a rule change that impacted short term health insurance. Short term health plans are now allowed to have a full one year policy term, instead of being limited to three months.

These short-term insurance plans do not include all of the services covered by an ACA Qualified health insurance plan. Pre-existing conditions will not be covered. Pregnancies are not covered. however, if all you want is the ability to get a regular check-up and have a backstop in case something major happens, these plans could be the right fit for you.

An Added Bonus!

There is no open enrollment period for Trumpcare plans. if you missed the deadline for the Obamacare enrollment, or you didn’t purchase Insurance due to the high cost, No Problem. You can get into a short-term health insurance plan at any time during the year.

Limitations of Trumpcare

Be sure to read the plans documents carefully. Short-term plans will not cover pre-existing conditions nor are they going to cover pregnancy. In addition, if you suffer a condition in one year, that condition will not be covered during the new term. Each term of insurance is its own stand-alone segment.

To speak with an agent to discuss whether a Trumpcare plan may be right for you, use this the link at the bottom of the page to find a time for an agent to contact you…

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