Financial Planning for Cruisers

Dreaming of casting off the lines and cruising full time? Do you have a million questions like…

“How much does it cost to cruise full time?”, or

“How much money do I need to cruise full-time?”, or

“How should I invest my savings to go cruising?”, or

“How do I get healthcare when I am cruising?”, or

“How do I find a Financial Advisor who understands cruising and sailors?”

Then you have come to the right place! You can at least check the last one off your list.

Sailing is my passion and I once dreamed of doing the same. I even got so far as to sell my home in Wisconsin and move my family to South Florida before deciding to put the dream on hold. During the time it took to sell our house, it became apparent that the rest of my family didn’t share the dream to the same extent I did. So to appease the rest of the family, the dream would have to wait.

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into simplifying the basic financial planning process that EVERYONE should use no matter where they are in life. In this FREE DOWNLOAD, I outline the 5 basic planning steps that everyone should be using anyway, but with emphasis on making it Cruiser-friendly.

Download this report now and begin the planning process!

FREE DOWNLOAD – Financial Checklist for Cruisers – The 5 Things You Need To Think About Before You Cast Off The Lines

Other Resources

How much does it cost to cruise? That depends upon you lifestyle. Here are some resources you can use to help answer this question…

Cruiser’s Forum – The link will take you to one discussion on the costs of living aboard. There are many, many threads on this subject on Cruiser’s Forum

Sail Loot Podcast – You’ll be lost here for months. Seriously. Info on costs as well as side gigs to make money while cruising.

Vloggers – MJ Sailing – Their website has not been updated in a long time, but they have cruising cost data from their first cruise.

This simple guide will help you frame your financial plan for casting off the lines.

Vloggers – Abandon Comfort – These guys are minimalists. They’ve got some costs sprinkled through their videos.

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