C-Corporations – The Retained Earnings Tax Penalty Dilemma

C-Corporations suffer double taxation. First their earnings are taxed as a business entity. Then, if the profits are distributed as a dividend, the profit is taxed again as dividend income to the shareholder. Worse, if the profits are not distributed as dividends, the company may face the Retained Earnings tax penalty.

All C-Corporation owners share similar concerns. Not only do they have to manage increases in retained earnings to avoid unnecessary tax costs, but they also have to worry about the loss of key employees and planning for their own and their employees future financial needs.

What if there was a solution that could address the Retained Earnings dilemma and solve these other business needs at the same time?

Fortunately there is a solution that addresses all of these business needs. Please enter your name and email address in the box to access a Free Report describing how a unique Life Insurance product can provide your Key Man Insurance while avoiding the Retained Earning Tax Penalty AND planning for future personal financial needs.

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