Why isn’t everyone doing this?

This past weekend we had our first cold front of the season pass through here in South Florida. Cold is a relative term since yesterday’s temperature got up to 84 degrees. But the humidity was replaced by nice dry air that made the 84 degrees feel absolutely perfect. My wife and I had spent the weekend on our sailboat in Miami. With Sunday’s beautiful weather, we decided to take a nice slow drive back up north on A1A along the coast. So with the top down and the warm Florida sunshine in the car, I had a little time to think about this blog.

I just started this blog last week and I want to make it both educational and entertaining. Now since my business is based primarily on leveraging the power of permanent life insurance as a retirement planning vehicle, the educational aspect of my goal should be easy. Most people don’t like to talk about life insurance so nearly anything I write should be educational to most people. However, the subject of life insurance will make the entertainment goal a little challenging.

I do try to make life insurance “cool”. The one thing I hear from nearly everyone I meet with is that they have never heard anyone ever explain life insurance to them like I did. Not everyone fully understands life insurance. I think everyone grasps the basic concept of term life insurance. What I love, however, is the opportunity to slowly explain to someone how permanent life insurance works and build a case for how the cash value built up in the policy should safely outperform traditional ways of saving for retirement.

I usually hear “why isn’t everyone doing this?” when the significance of the strategy is understood. To which I usually reply with a smile, “Because I haven’t talked to them yet”. This blog is going to be my way of “talking” to as many people as possible.

Anyone who lived through the dot.com crash in 2000/2001 or the crash of 2007/2008 watched a big chunk of their savings disappear if their IRA, 401(k), or personal accounts were invested in the stock market. My goal is to teach everyone that they don’t have to expose their retirement savings to that kind of risk to get a good rate of return.

These articles will be kept short and sweet. I’ll try to make them as entertaining as possible. My strategy goes against the conventional wisdom of Wall Street and its my mission in life to make sure as many people as possible learn how to safely achieve market returns without the market risk. Thanks for reading!

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