How To Make Your Business More Efficient By Cutting Your Taxes

All of the successful real estate investors and business owners I talk with focus on maximizing their profitability. Profitability results from increasing revenues and keeping expenses to a minimum. The latter may offer more opportunity to improve profitability than you think.

When you run a business, there are lot of expenses there are out of your control. Insurance expenses, business licenses, professional licenses, equipment needed to run your business, travel expenses, utilities, life expenses (time away from your family), etc. However, there is one expense that can cost more than all of those combined, especially if you are doing it well. And that’s TAXES!

Even if you are not a business owner, you will most likely spend more on taxes than any other expense. From sales taxes, gasoline taxes, business taxes, self-employment taxes, to income taxes and chances are, you don’t enjoy writing that check to the federal government.

Like most high earners in this country, you might have previously thought that what you pay in taxes was out of your control, “a necessary evil”, or “the price of doing good business”. However, that thinking is wrong and that you can do something about it!

Did you know that federal government will allow you deduct up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income in exchange for helping land owners conserve land? That’s right, the federal government actually agreed to enhance a 30 year old legislation in exchange for conserving land in perpetuity using a Land Conservation Easement.

What does this mean? When done correctly, participating in a Land Conservation Partnership will allow you to keep your more of what already belongs to you: YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY!

What would paying less than half what you normally in taxes do for your business, your retirement plans, or for your family? Tired of dishing out money to the US Treasury Department?…a better question is: WHY DON’T YOU DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT?

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