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The thought of investing in real estate can be a little intimidating. While you may have heard stories of people making a killing in real estate, you have probably also heard horror stories of real estate investments gone bad. Many people, in their efforts to learn more about real estate investing, attend weekend seminars. The chances are, at a FREE Seminar, you will be told how easy it is to learn to  invest if you just spend a couple of thousand dollars to attend a weekend BOOT CAMP where their team of “experts” will teach you all the tricks you need to know. At this BOOT CAMP, you will likely be offered an opportunity to participate in their MASTERMIND program for anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 and up!

At best, you won’t learn anything from these boot camps or mastermind sessions that you can’t learn from a book. At worst, you’ll waste your money learning about old, dated strategies whose time has passed. These Weekend Seminar Gurus make their money by making you feel as though you don’t know enough to get started. That way you will continue to pay for more and more education. The best way to learn is from a mentor or peers who are also investing in real estate.

One Group that I am proud to recommend is the Global Real Estate Education Network. GREEN is an online community of Real Estate Investors who meet online Weekly. They also bring in speakers and offer classes in every aspect of Real Estate Investing (including how to leverage high cash value life insurance!). Membership in GREEN is available for a low monthly charge. This lets you try it out and see how you like it before wasting spending $50,000 from a “Weekend Real Estate Guru”.


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