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Your house is not an Investment

For a lot of people, the single largest component of their net worth is the Home that they live in. A lot of people forego saving for their retirement in order to pay down their mortgages and free themselves from their mortgage. I can certainly relate to the freedom that […]

Put your money to work in two places at one time!

This is the time of year when a lot of people are putting money into their IRAs to get a deduction for last year or changing their 401(k) contribution rates. While there are a lot of tax advantages to using an IRA, as soon as you write that check to […]

Turn your tax refund into tax-free retirement income

I was talking with a potential client a few months ago. He wanted to wait until he received his tax refund before setting up a retirement savings plan. He was planning on using his tax refund to do some much needed repairs on his house. I hear this a lot […]

When is a 7% return better than 10% return? Part 2

In last weeks post I explained how a 7% tax-free rate of return might be better than a 10% taxable rate of return. This week I want to show another way that a 7% tax-free rate to return may be better than the 10% rate return that the financial “experts” […]

When is a 7% return better than a 10% return?

How many times have you heard a financial advisor state that If you keep your money in the stock market for the long run, it has returned over 9 or 10%? Clients that I talk to you never seem to get excited when I mention that the returns on an […]

What I Learned About Investing From Racing Sailboats

I love sailing. It is the primary reason that I moved to Florida several years ago. My wife and I own a Catalina 30 that we use as our weekend getaway.  Its a comfortable floating camper that has an amazing view of Coconut Grove and Miami Florida.  We can easily […]

Steps You Need To Take Now To Protect Yourself From Obamacare

The open enrollment period for health insurance begins later this week.  If you don’t have health insurance from your employer, now is the only time to either get coverage or change your existing coverage.  If you don’t get insurance, you will owe your “shared responsibility” payment.   The one thing […]

This One Simple Trick Could Save You Thousand$

Last week both the S&P 500 and the Dow moved into record high territory.  The surprise move by the Bank of Japan to increase their stimulus efforts fueled the rally.  What goes up must come down.  It’s not a matter of if, but of when.  As I stated last week, […]

Myth Exposed!  Buy Term and Invest the Difference

I just celebrated my 50th birthday last week. When you are young and investing you think to yourself that you have time to ride out all the ups and downs of the market. I stayed in the market back in 1987 when the big October crash took away all of […]

Put your Money to work in TWO places at ONE time

Last week was a good week for my business. I recruited two new agents. Both of the new agents are experienced real estate investors and hold Life Insurance licenses. I look forward to both of them helping educate real estate investors on how they can put their money to work […]